cloudBuy Solutions Overview

cloudBuy Overview

cloudBuy provides cloud solutions for buyers and sellers – and brings them together to trade securely via a growing range of public online marketplaces and private purchasing portals.

cloudBuy for buyers – enables organisations to understand and get control of their spend

cloudBuy solutions for buyers provide:

  • Controlled purchasing in a secure online environment.
  • Contract Management that ensures procurement contracts are monitored and managed by an organisation in real time, safeguarding against off-contract, rogue spending.
  • Sophisticated Spend Insight that enriches existing procurement and accounts payable data, providing the knowledge to tackle overspend, drive improvement initiatives and optimise procurement.
  • Price Benchmarking - cloudBuy adds value by comparing an organisation’s data with anonymized intelligence from a global community, against which product pricing and volumes can be benchmarked. With over $750 billion analysed to date, cloudBuy has a track record of identifying significant savings.
  • Green Insight identifies the carbon footprint associated to the products and services an organisation purchases to highlight the environmental impact of every buying decision. It informs ethical, sustainable procurement.
  • cloudBuy integrates with, and enriches, existing business applications such as industry-leading ERP systems.

cloudSell for sellers – enhances e-commerce offerings and helps grow business

The cloudSell solution helps sellers of all sizes, from start-ups to corporates, enhance their online presence and grow business through secure, sophisticated global e-commerce.

cloudSell enables a seamless e-commerce process from the website to payment, all from a single solution supported by global partners which include VISA Asia Pacific and WorldPay.

The cloudSell solution provides:

  • A scalable Content Management System supporting multi devices and the ability to synchronise content with marketplaces and purchasing portals.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance to ensure a secure online payment process.
  • Integration with existing business applications providing real time pricing and stock availability.
  • Multiple price points to support promotions and different customer relationships.
  • e-invoicing and receipting to make payment and delivery processes seamless and complete.
  • Multiple languages, currencies and taxes to support global trading
  • Comprehensive reporting to show web site traffic and performance… together with the sales generated.
  • Option to join cloudBuy marketplaces around the world to increase business opportunities and improve search engine rankings.

cloudBuy brings together buyers and sellers to increase secure global trade

cloudBuy adds value to both buyers and sellers by bringing them together via a growing range of e-commerce public marketplaces and private purchasing portals:

  • From ‘marketplace-in-a-box’ solutions to highly-tailored and sophisticated e-commerce platforms, cloudBuy’s solution is powering an increasing number of national and sector-specific marketplaces that bring buyers and sellers together.
  • Larger organisations might also want their own private Purchasing Portal that brings the consumer purchasing experience to the workplace, but with the control of approved suppliers and contracted or negotiated prices.