CloudBuy Business Model

7 ways that cloudBuy receives repeat renewable income:

  1. Identifies savings and sustainability using SpendInsight and GreenInsight (one off or annual fee).
  2. Customers realise the savings using the eCommerce marketplace (annual fee).
  3. Suppliers can trade with paying buyers free of charge and then pay to be on the public marketplace. 
  4. Suppliers that pay generally have 10 times as many sales vs. equivalent free suppliers.
  5. Suppliers pay for ecommerce sites and Product Carbon Footprints (annual fees)
  6. Start ups create ecommerce sites (annual fee)
  7. cloudBuy creates start ups (one off fee) and provides associated services (annual fees)

cloudBuy delivers all its services through a single cloud based platform.

cloudBuy takes its services to market through collaborations with major organisations:

  1. Barclays Bank and Barclaycard
  2. NHS Shared Business Services
  3. Serco
  4. Visa and its member banks like Barclaycard