Investor Information

cloudBuy Company Background

Company Background  
Primary Country Listing UK
Status Market segment
Index FTSE AIM All Share
Sector Software & Computer Services
Activities Cloud Ecommerce Marketplace providing both cloud services along with the identification and delivery of cash and sustainability savings through analysis and trading software systems for all sizes of organisation from startup to the largest.
Takeover Code The Company is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.


cloudBuy Income Statement - Last 5 Years

Income Statement (£ m) Dec-18 Dec-17 Dec-16 Dec-15 Dec-14
All From Continuing Operations:          
Revenue  1.11 1.50 1.71 1.75 2.12
Operating Profit/(Loss)  -1.72 -2.35 -4.06 -6.07 -4.63
Net Finance Income/(Costs) -0.60 -0.40 -0.22 0.01 n/a
Profit Before Tax  -2.32 -2.75 -4.27 -6.06 -4.63
Profit After Tax  -2.19 -2.61 -4.11 -5.97 -4.57
Attributable To:          
Equity Holders of Parents Company -2.19 -2.61 -4.11 -5.97 -4.57
Minority Interests n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Continuing EPS          
Loss per Share - Basic and diluted 1.7p 2.0p 3.2p 4.8p 4.1p
Dividend per share n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


cloudBuy Share Information (as at 19th July 2019)

Number of Shares in Issue: Number Percentage
Ordinary shares of 1p each 130,432,664  100%
Insofar as the Directors are aware the percentage of shares not in public hands and details of significant shareholders are as follows:    
Percentage of shares not in public hands:   31.84%


Substantial Shareholdings

As at 4th September 2019 the Company had been notified under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the following interests of 3% or more in its issued share capital:

Substantial shareholdings Number of ordinary shares Percentage
Ronald Duncan & Lyn Duncan 18,287,981* 14%
Roberto M. Sella 14,700,000 11.3%
William Barbour 10,446,983 8%
Mark Dixon 10,400,000 8%
David Holloway 8,842,181 6.8%

* The interests shown for Ronald Duncan and Lyn Duncan include a joint holding in  14,783,404  shares