eCommerce Business Model

Offering you the chance to seize the new opportunities

Already over 1 million logins on the cloudBuy marketplace

Whatever type of goods and services you sell, it will be almost impossible to survive in future without a proper trading website. Whether your principal customers are other businesses, the public sector or consumers the share of their purchasing that is conducted online is rising fast.

Being able to trade from a suitable eCommerce platform will not just safeguard your current turnover, it offers you the chance to seize the new opportunities being created every day, as prospects look for a suitable online supplier.

  • The way that goods and services are selected and paid-for online is also changing fast, so it is even more important that the type of trading website you choose is suitable.
  • Does it allow you to reach all three types of customer, and especially the eProcurement marketplaces now favoured by corporate and the public sector?   
  • Can it handle Requests For Quotes and show your special contract prices where needed? 
  • Can you achieve not just sales but also prompt payment via a reliable method? Can you add your own branding onto an attractive site with lots of user-friendly features?

Creating a website via cloudBuy is unique in the range of benefits it offers. cloudBuy has over 15 years of experience creating websites for suppliers trading with the public sector, other businesses and consumers. There are already over 1 million logins on the cloudBuy marketplace and users are increasing all the time. Every cloudBuy website is also connected automatically to the Visa payment network, so reliable prompt payment is guaranteed.

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