AGM Statement 17 April 2018

Apr 17, 2018

cloudBuy plc (AIM: CBUY), the global provider of cloud-based e-commerce marketplaces and B2B buyer and supplier solutions, is holding its Annual General Meeting at 11.00am today, at which management will make the following statement:

We updated the market very recently as part of our annual report, nevertheless we wish to provide a brief update on progress since publication.

Our focus remains firmly on PHBChoices as a key initiative for growth.  Personal Health Budgets (PHB’s) represent a very major change in the way that the NHS manages patient care, the uptake of PHBChoices by CCGs is now gaining pace as PHBs become mainstream and government targets begin to bite.  We are particularly heartened by the announcement on the 16th April 2018 by ministers that they want to see exponential growth from the current 23,000 budgets to 350,000. The initial focus has been on individuals with complex needs being met under Continuing Health Care (CHC), this is now broadening out to cover a wide range of different areas including Learning Disabilities (LD), which is often the most complex and expensive area of care, with budgets typically twice that of CHC.  We have had a small but increasing number of LD patients going live on PHBChoices.

We remain convinced that we have a unique product and a great partner in NHS Shared Business Services to maximise the roll out of PHB’s and Integrated Commissioning across Health and Social Care.  Our initial customers have streamlined their PHB management and been able to make significant savings as a result of deploying PHBChoices.  This ability to reference is key to success in the NHS with CCGs looking for demonstrable benefits before committing to new projects. The reputation of PHBChoices is growing and new CCGs are contacting the team to discuss their requirements.

We continue to support our other revenue generating projects, notably with UOB going well and our solution for York Schools in Canada beginning to gain traction across other school boards.

Our cost reduction program and focus on fewer projects is paying off and although supporting major change initiatives such as PHBChoices is challenging, we are encouraged by take up and the feedback that we receive around the functionality of the solution.


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