Third Interest Payment

Oct 30, 2017


cloudBuy plc

("cloudBuy" or the "Company")

Third Interest Payment

cloudBuy, the global provider of cloud-based eCommerce marketplaces and B2B buyer and supplier solutions, announces that pursuant to the Financing announced on 24 March 2016 (as defined therein), the third interest payment to be made to Roberto Sella has fallen due, and in accordance with the terms of the interest bearing loan note instrument dated 8 April 2016, has issued 23,814 convertible and 41,826 non-convertible loan notes of £1 each to Robert Sella.

As at 30 October 2017 following the issue of these notes, Roberto Sella held the following convertible and non-convertible loan notes:


Convertible loan notes

Non-convertible loan notes

Roberto Sella



The following details are required to be disclosed to comply with the conditions of The Takeover Code pursuant to the Financing. Mike Pasternak who is a director of cloudBuy is deemed to be acting in concert with Roberto Sella for the purposes of the Takeover Code.

As at 30 October 2017, the holdings of Roberto Sella and Mike Pasternak are as follows:


Interest in issued share capital on 27 April 2017

Percentage interest in issued share capital on  27 April 2017

Total interest on the basis that the full £5,750,000 loan is utilised and all potential Convertible Loan Securities are converted at 6.5p per share

Percentage total interest on the basis that the full £5,750,000 loan is utilised and all potential Convertible Loan Securities are converted at 6.5p per share

Roberto Sella





Mike Pasternak











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